[F] Fakeer-Fulbari

Pronunciation: Ā ā = aa, long ‘a’ like 'ah' but not quite ‘ar’ / Â â = emphasised ‘a’ / ê = ai / é = ay / Ī, ī = ee / í = between small I and ee / Ū ū = oo

Source abbreviations: OD = Osho darshan diaries / OB = Osho discourse books / MW = Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary / S = previous Osho Sannyas name lists / SD = other Sanskrit dictionaries / HD = Hindi dictionaries PD = Pali dictionaries /

TS = Thousand Name of Shiva / TB = Thousand Names of Brahma / TV = Thousand Names of Vishnu / Onl = Online resources / 99N = 99 Names of Allah / Sv = Sarovara's addition

Notes: "Add Veet or Mukta" = Recommendation to combine with 1st Name "Veet" to mean "Beyond" or "Transcendence of"; or add 1st Name "Mukta" to mean "Freedom from."

Male name Female name Neutral name Meaning 1st or 2nd Language Source Confirm Pop. Script Notes
Fakeer     a Yogi who has missed 2nd Name  Hindi, Arabic OD Onl * فاکر  
Falak     Sky 2nd Name  Hindi, Arabic S Onl   फ़लक  
Fana Fana   Dissolution into god, to die before you die 2nd Name  Arabic OD Onl * فناء Sufi
Farid Farida   Exceptional, Unique, name of an enlightened Sufi Master 2nd Name  Arabic OD Onl ** فریدہ  
  Farnaz  Glorious Beauty 2nd Name  Persian S Onl      
Farokh    Distinguisher of Truth, Discerning Truth from the false 2nd Name  Arabic S Onl *    
Farzad     Splendid Birth 2nd Name  Farsi S Onl   فرزاد  
  Farzana    Intelligent, Wise 2nd Name  Urdu S Onl   رزانہ Muslim
Fattah     God, the Opener, the Victory Giver 2nd Name  Arabic S 99N   الفتاح Sufi
Fazal     Grace 2nd Name  Arabic S Onl   فضل Muslim
Firdaus Firdaus   Paradise 2nd Name  Arabic OB Onl   فردوس  
  Fulbari   Garden of Flowers 2nd Name  Nepali S Onl *    

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