Подробная биография Ошо

http://www.oshosourcebook.com/ - Подробная исследовательская работа про жизнь Ошо на английском.

OSHO Source Book is a comprehensive study of the formative years of Osho’s life and work with a focus on his reading, book collecting and the dissemination of his message. It covers the years from his early childhood (he was born in 1931) through to his departure from Bombay for Poona in 1974. Accordingly the biography includes his meetings with various spiritual traditions, his academic years in Jabalpur, his enlightenment and his train rides when he was traveling and lecturing all over India before he in 1970 settled in Bombay. The arrival of the first Westerners who were coming to be near him in the early seventies is also mentioned, and the main emphasis in this bio-bibliography will be on the very early days when his followers were Indians and Hindi the language of his lectures.

Introduction provides some insight into the study’s intentions and limitations, and presents the variety of information collected during the author’s journeys in India. Bibliography and References provide stepping stones for further studies into one of India’s most remarkable masters and mystics...

Ссылка на статью: https://медитация.рф/1852

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